Thursday, July 03, 2014

Celebrity Horrible Bosses

Are you having a bad day at work because your crazy manager? Thinking of quitting your job because of your awful and unbearable boss, regardless of the poor economy and lack of job opportunities out there? Well let me make you feel better! Lol Here is a list of celebrity bosses who will effortlessly berate you, abuse you, ruin your reputation, Hell, some of them will even take a swing at you! Meet the world’s most famous, horrid, fear-inducing, vile bosses of all time. Take a look at the nightmares, you should be thankful you’re not woking for!

Kim Kardashian
She may be nice to look at but that voice… So much of being an assistant is having a close relationship with you’re boss. You’re essentially married. Could you imagine marrying Kim Kardashian!? Dragging her Coach luggage through LAX while she whines about how the waiter at STK was totally rude to her last night. You know that “kill me now” look some husbands/wives get when they’ve just quit on life? Yeah you have that now.  Who will marry her? Lol! Well, Kanye's up next! I feel bad for their staffs!

Kanye West
Kanye can be counted on to grab a microphone and spout off inappropriate ridiculousness, whether while at an award ceremony or while acting in the name of charity. Who can forget him jumping on stage to tell Taylor Swift she wasn’t the rightful winner during her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs, or him accusing then-President Bush of being a racist during a live telethon raising funds to help victims of Hurricane Katrina? Sometimes the most difficult celebrities to work with are those that are ticking bombs…you never know what this guy is going to say on camera that will lead to his next major PR fiasco.

Christian Bale
This American Psycho actor is known for being, well, a little psycho on set. He infamously went off on a crew member during the filming of Terminator Salvation, dropping 37 F-bombs in less than four minutes because the poor guy deigned to walk into his sight-line while filming. Feel like there must be more to the story than that? The full transcript of the rant is available all over the Internet, if you’d like to search it for some redeeming line from the lead actor (spoiler alert: there isn’t one).

Jennifer Aniston
In an interview with ELLE beloved Friends actress Jennifer Aniston confessed to once throwing a chair at a director.  She downplays the act by saying she did it because, “he was treating a script supervisor horribly…” Yes. Sometimes, at my work, my boss treats the intern horribly and then I just go into his office and chuck a chair at him and that is deemed appropriate and commendable behaviour (except that it’s not).

Nicki Minaj
While the pop star was judge on American Idol she wasn’t shy about bullying costar Mariah Carey both on camera and off, at one point even threatening to shoot her (because that’s something that adults do when they’re having a disagreement: make death threats). 

Katherine Heigl
According to Hollywood Reporter, Katherine and her mom/manager, Nancy Heigl, are notorious whiners. Whether about the wardrobe, the catering or the script, Katherine is reportedly never satisfied and is rumoured to have “cost…time every single day of shooting [Life as We Know It].” And in Hollywood, time is money. Maybe they’ll take it out of her $12 million paycheck for the gig. (What wouldn’t you wear, eat or say for $12 million? I mean…what can there possibly be to complain about with that kind of compensation?!)

Lindsay Lohan
LiLo’s no stranger to negative limelight. In her latest brush with infamy, she somehow manages to piss off Oprah, who is working with her on a reality series starring the redheaded train wreck. “This is just what everyone warned me would happen [while working with her],” Oprah said. You know it’s bad when Oprah, queen of benevolence and second chances, is disappointed in you…

Paris Hilton
SO much pet care. Plus, you’d have to manage all that property. She owns islands. PLURAL. And one bad financial decision and boom, she’s Nick Cage. And Amurrca has to sit through Wicker Man 2, the bees are back! Daily Tasks Include: Managing Excel sheets, Updating finances, and being hot.

Charlie Sheen
The Two and a Half Men star very publicly went nuts on the Alex Jones Radio Show in 2011, raging against the show’s creator Chuck Lorre with some majorly choice words. His lapse in judgment caused the show to be cancelled, costing Charlie millions of dollars in revenue. Not a #winning move, Charlie.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Leading lady Gwyneth Paltrow is notoriously haughty and cold to people she deems beneath her – which can include anyone from famous costars to lowly journalists. She reportedly barely acknowledged Scarlett Johansson’s existence on the set of Iron Man 2, and once, in an interview, offered a journalist her elbow to shake instead of her hand.

Naomi Campbell
It would be impossible to have a discussion about terrible employers without a mention of Naomi Campbell. She's been accused of physical and verbal abuse on more than a few occasions by multiple members of her staff.  This diva has allegedly done everything from assaulting her former housekeeper with a telephone to repeatedly slapping her assistant. In 2000, Campbell plead guilty to beating an assistant during the making of a movie. In 2006, Campbell was charged with assault for throwing a cellphone at her housekeeper. Hardly a way to treat the help! Working for Naomi makes professional boxing seem far less painful!

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