Thursday, July 03, 2014

Amber Rose on Wendy Williams Talking About Kissing Courtney Love [VIDEO]

Amber Rose is making a name for herself, she used to be known for the celebrity she dated, but now big things are popping for the mother of one! First, she stars in School Dance with Kevin Hart (directed by Nick Cannon) and she's recently completed a pilot for ABC's upcoming show "Selfie" where she plays a deceiving chick who steals to act like she's living a fabulous life.  Watch the video after the cut to find out what she had to say about kissing crazy Courtney Love!

During her chat with Wendy, the nosy host asked Amber about her thoughts on Kanye West's wedding but reluctantly, Amber was reluctant to give an answer and said it wasn’t her business! Pushy Wendy wouldn’t let her be and instead went on to ask Amber if she was happy that she "escaped" the Kanye situation, in which Amber replied “Yes!”  

Also, Wendy asked about her rapper husband Wiz's smoking habits and Amber said Wiz ONLY smokes outside and NEVER around Baby Bash.  And she never smokes weed herself.  It's "not her thing”, but she did say her mother and Wiz smoke together!

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