Friday, June 13, 2014

Is Notorious B.I.G's Son Gay? [Pictures]

Christopher Wallace jr
Christopher Wallace Jr and a male friend
The Notorious BIG‘s only son, Christopher Wallace Jr. aka CJ, graduated from high school recently, and when the pictures from the ceremony became public, social media started judging, as usual. More pictures when you continue.

Here's a quote I came across on the web "This is Biggie’s son. He just graduated from high school. Is it possible for a man to take a pic like this and be straight? I don’t care if he’s gay. The pic just has me wondering if he’s out with it. His hand is awfully close to that boy’s private."
notorious b.i.g's son
Christopher Wallace Jr and a male friend
biggie's son
Christopher Wallace Jr and a male friend
Gleaned from SR
Images obtained from SR

I have nothing against anyone, I am a firm believer of "live and let live" and I do not discriminate

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