Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obama and David Cameron Chilling - Pictures

Obama and David Cameron stuffing their face
The two world leaders were seen courtside, at a college basketball game in Ohio, and Mr Obama's hand gestures (along with Cameron's puzzled expressions) seemed to give an impression that there was a slight cultural clash.And perhaps this has something to do with the fact that Mr Cameron's Eton education may have been more about cricket and rugby than the world famous American game. 

President Barack Obama seemed to be having trouble explaining the rules of basketball to Prime Minister, David Cameron, on the first day of the Conservative leader's tour of the U.S. 
Okay, let me explain Basketball to you
Mr Obama, a self-confessed basketball fan, invited Mr Cameron to watch Western Kentucky University take on Mississippi Valley State in the opening game of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Men's Basketball tournament known as March Madness.  
Oh Blimey! I get it now - It's quite similar to football, isn't it? Lol
The two leaders were applauded loudly as they took their seats in the front row of the stands, just behind one of the hoops and they turned to chat to Dayton University students in the seats around them.

At half-time, the pair were interviewed by Clark Kellogg of CBS Sports - the only joint interview Mr Cameron will face with Mr Obama. The Prime Minister said he was enjoying his first time at the televised basketball game, but admitted he had trouble understanding parts of the
President Obama, PM Cameron and Reporter Clark Kellogg
Mr Cameron told Mr Kellogg 'I'm enjoying it. It's fast, it's pretty fast and furious. It's hard to follow sometimes exactly who's done what wrong.'
Asked if the president was helping him, Mr Cameron said: 'He's giving me some tips. He's going to help me fill out my bracket.'

A smiling Mr Obama quipped back: 'He's going to teach me cricket. Because I don't understand what's going on with that game.'
Mr Cameron said he saw 'a lot of similarities' with football, but admitted that basketball was 'very fast.'
The 3 men still chatting and laughing away
Halftime during the Basketball Game

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