Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pictures of Beyonce Breast Feeding her Baby

Picture obtained from MTO
On March 13 2012, Mediatakeout posted the report below 

" heard rumors that Beyonce is ADAMANT about feeding her newborn ONLY breast milk . . . and she showed just how COMMITTED she is to doing that.
Yesterday Beyonce was walking in downtown NYC to a popular park for mothers and children, when an MTO spy came across her and snapped a couple of pics. What we later learned, from a person INSIDE THE PARK, is that Beyonce stopped her walk and sat on a PUBLIC BENCH . . . she then asked her bodyguards to leaver her alone, for privacy. Then she pulled down her blouse and proceeded to BREAST FEED BLUE in the open.We can respect that . . . an artist in this day and age that puts her child BEFORE EVERYTHING. We knew we f*cked with Bey for a reason . . ."
Is Beyonce really Breast Feeding Blue Ivy? - You decide
 MTO's Report

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