Friday, June 13, 2014

What Does Your Emojis Say About You?

Work in progress: Emojinalysis tells subjects what the meaning of their 'recently used' emoji keyboard means; Its writer Dan Brill, for instance, likened 19-year-old Annie's selections to that of an Eastern European scam artist, saying 'the bottom row alone could literally be the outline for a bad John Grisham novel.'

A new blog claims to shed insight into readers’states of mind using only their ‘recently used’ emoji keyboards. The Tumblr page Emojinalysis asks that iPhone users to submit screen grabs of their recent emoji board via email or Twitter for psychological insight into their choices.
‘You show me your recently used emojis. I tell you what’s wrong with your life,’ the site’s tagline reads. The site has analyses 33 ‘subjects’ so far, with diagnostics that in no way resemble medicine.

Optimism: Mr Brill told Jerico that he is a big dreamer, as evidenced by the rainbow flanked by a kiss face and a bag of money, leading him to inquire if he is most inspired by 'riches or romance?'

But that makes sense, given that the site’s author, Brooklyn-based Dan Brill, works as a copywriter and has no formal psychiatric training.
His most recent post analyses emojis used by Stacey, age 36 – who has a penchant for junk food characters as well as exclamatory hands and cocktails.

Cat's meow: Mr Brill was exasperated by 26-year-old Kate's line-up of emojis which place a birthday cake next to a gun, saying 'Listen, we've all pointed a Gun at a Birthday Cake at some point in our lives. But in the presence of Japanese ogre, confounded face and Weary cat?'

Mr Brill took these emojis to mean that she has a lot of vices, and likened her to Anchorman character Ron Burgundy, saying: ‘OK so this is basically Emoji: Vice City. Cookie. Cigarette. Poultry Leg. Shortcake. Freaking Pizza. Three boozimojis. Holy s**t, Stacey.'
He added: 'I’d be lying if I didn’t say the pill and syringe concerned me a bit.'

Lucky number: Maddie, a 27-year-old who was the site's 27th subject was told that despite this coincidence, 'you're otherwise pretty much f*****d' for her pairing of a skull and a wine glass

Another subject, named Nicole, age 29, submitted a keyboard that had a baby face positioned next to a bomb - which Mr Brill interpreted as unwelcome results from a recent pregnancy test.
He wrote: 'There are some emojis you just never want to see together. Runner + Pair of scissors. Wrapped present + Pile of poop. But the worst has got to be Baby + Bomb, a.k.a the 2014 equivalent of a bad news pregnancy test.' [sic]
He added: 'I truly hope this wasn’t paired with the phrase “we need to talk.”'
With each entry Mr Brill posts a diagnostic emoji, or an emoji that would sum up a subject’s state of mind, as well as a prescribed emoji, which is something of an antidote to the subject’s dilemmas.

Truth of heart: Mr Brill likened a keyboard by Elizabeth, 28, to the Beyonce song Drunk in Love for her over-use of pink heart emojis, of which he asked: 'Did you text hearts all night?'

Mr Brill penned his first entry for the site on June 6, and it has shown no signs of slowing down since.
Those who have had their emojis analyses by the web impresario have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the experience.

Writer Madeline Davies said: ‘Got my choice emojis psychoanalyzed by @brillospad and I'm a REAL mess.

Gleaned from DailyMail

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