Thursday, June 19, 2014

[VIDEO] Police Commits Murder and it's Caught on Tape!

police shoots Daniel Saenz

Daniel Saenz, 37, was fatally shot by El Paso, Texas police officer Jose Flores, 40, while handcuffed and held to the ground by two policemen, and a newly released surveillance video captured the entire incident! Continue for video 

According to the the Elpaso Times Saenz was a competitive bodybuilder and trainer known at gyms across El Paso. An autopsy report said he was 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighed 217 pounds. The autopsy did not find cocaine, PCP or other hard drugs in his system but reported that Saenz tested positive dimethylamylamine, or DMAA, a substance found in both workout supplements and bath salts — synthetic stimulants that can cause paranoia, panic attacks and impaired perception of reality.
The struggle and shooting occurred in less than two minutes. The video also contains hours of scenes following the shooting, taken from different angles.

“The video does not show an important event that happened earlier in the day,” said Jim Jopling, a lawyer with the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT). “When Mr. Saenz was in his holding cell at the Pebble Hills Regional Command Center, he was observed moving his cuffed hands from behind his body to the front of his body. This is called ‘fronting’ his cuffs. Mr. Saenz, who was in bare feet, put his shoes on and, when finished, moved his handcuffs back behind his body. Mr. Saenz did this with great agility and speed.
“In the video, Officer Flores first reaches for his Taser. However, he decides not to deploy his Taser because he knew that Mr. Saenz — also earlier that same day — had undergone five cycles of the Taser device, without effect. He had been Tased earlier in the day after he assaulted a police officer and other people at the hospital where he was being evaluated.”

In February, a grand jury declined to indict Flores after an allegedly thorough investigation.

“After an investigation spanning months, and thoroughly investigating the shooting and the backgrounds of Officer Flores and Daniel Saenz, the grand jury took no action,” El Paso District Attorney Jaime Esparza said.

Extract from Surveillance Video - Warning: Graphic Content 

Full Surveillance Footage  - Warning: Graphic Content 

Gleaned from Elpaso Times

It's unfortunate that this type situation keeps reoccurring in America! Policemen in that part of the world honestly need to surrender their guns! Cops operate all the time in England, and they don't need guns to get the jobs done!  Rest in peace Daniel Saenz

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