Friday, June 27, 2014

Quit Smoking Or Die!

This is how cigarette packets might look under government plans to use gruesome images to put people off smoking. Cigarettes will have to be sold in drab brown packets covered in gruesome health warnings under new government plans to curb smoking. Pictures were released today of how the new ‘standardised’ packaging could look, as ministers said they were committed to banning tobacco branding as soon as possible.

The UK Health minister Jane Ellison said the change would drive a ‘modest but important reduction’ in smoking rates, by making the packets less attractive to the next generation of smokers

Plain packets have been a millstone for the government which has been accused of delaying on the issue due to the influence of tobacco lobbyists - including Tory election strategist Lynton Crosby. But David Cameron’s spokesman suggested it would be law before the election next May. He said: ‘The Prime Minister is committed to the implementation of this. It’s the right thing to do.’

Health charities welcomed the new draft regulations, which have been put out for a six-week consultation, but insisted ministers should act immediately to implement them.

A consultation was launched two years ago, but minsters took no further action, to the anger of experts who say brightly coloured packages are the last marketing ploy tobacco companies use to lure people to their products.
Two thirds of UK smokers say they started before the age of 18.

Tobacco companies claimed the packets would be easy to counterfeit and lead to a flood of fake cigarettes.

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  1. Its very hard to quit , but i know few of my frds they cut down so much and because they using E CIG,,


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