Friday, June 13, 2014

Pastor Preaches Chris Brown's Lyrics!

Pastor Bryant defends himself on twitter
A pastor raised eyebrows last weekend when he inserted a popular hip hop lyrics into his "empowering" sermon at the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore. Ministers are much younger these days and are more in touch with pop culture and secular music, but this pastor may have crossed the line during his sermon.

Pastor Jamal H. Bryant, of the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, didn’t only evoke the gospel of Jesus Christ in his sermon, but he also evoked the gospel of Chris Brown. Bryant was emotionally discussing Pontius Pilate when he told churchgoers, “Every sister elbow another sister and say, ‘He should have listened.’ Every brother tap another brother and say, ‘I should have listened to her.’” He continued, “Old saints, y’all forgive me, but I gotta tell you. These hoes ain’t loyal!”

It’s obvious the congregation didn’t take issue with his use of the derogatory term, since they all cheered loudly. But Bryant didn’t stop there. He went on to talk about baby mamas etc. Who knows, maybe Bryant is as hard on himself as he is with the members of his congregation. Bryant has had his own fair share of scandals. Bryant admitted to having an extramarital affair while he was married, which ultimately led to his divorce. 

Bryant came to his own defence on Twitter this morning, claiming that many people didn’t get the full context of his sermon, and shared a link to the sermon.

It’s one thing to be an outspoken and flamboyant minister, but it’s another thing to use a word that is not only derogatory but also misogynistic. Churchgoers come to church to hear the word of God, not the words of a woman beater, especially coming from the mouth of a confessed adulterer

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