Monday, June 23, 2014

Demi Lovato Gets Dreadlocks

Demi Lovato has overcome a variety of difficulties and challenges in her 21 years and thankfully she has come out on top and now, comfortable and confident in her own skin, she is letting her true style shine through. The actress-singer and former X Factor judge shared a photo on Instagram on  Saturday of her new edgy, purple and blue baby dreadlocks.

Ms Lovato, is not the kind of girl who follows the trends, she creates them! Demi debuted gorgeous purple ombre hair at her June 16 concert at the Hollywood Bowl, but now the “Really Don’t Care” singer has taken her look even further. Do you give her wild new ‘do a thumbs up or thumbs down?

It’s officially summertime, and Demi’s feeling more confident then ever — so why not switch up her look? The singer not only showed off her purple and teal dreadlocks in her selfie, she also showed off that she buzzed part of the left side of her head! 

In the pic, Demi smirks, tilts her sunglasses down to show off her gorgeous eyes and shows off tons of chunky jewelry! While Demi definitely dyed and styled her new look, it doesn’t seem like she cut her hair (aside from the buzzed portion) — her long locks still reach past her shoulders.

Demi’s the first female star we’ve seen go full-out with multi-colored dreadlocks. Actress Bella Thorne rocked dreads at a Nintendo event at Quixote Studios in Los Angeles on March 9, but her colorful creations were just temporary. Considering Demi has a buzz-cut on one side of her head, we think it’s safe to safe her dramatic hair change is drastic! 

Personally, I can't handle too much colours in my hair. But what about you, are you feeling Demi's dreadlocks?

Pictures obtained from Daily Mail

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