Monday, June 23, 2014

Alibaba Advice Women Against Domestic Violence

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Alibaba got on his twitter earlier today to advice women (as he often does) against suffering in silence in the name of love! My people, love no does not hurt! Well, it does but it does not punch and slap you in the face and neither will it kick you in the belly and leave you with scars! So many women are suffering in silence, and unfortunately this issue has been on going for so long, that it's almost impossible to ever imagine it eradicating! There some women out there who believe if their husband does not hit them, that means he doesn't love them! Yes! You read that right! I once had a friend who got married to a man who rapped her all the time, because she was scared no one else would love or marry her.

The honest truth is pressure on women to get married and stay faithful to useless men doesn't help the matter at hand either. It's shameful to get divorced or leave a bad man, because the nay say will judge you, blame you and call you names even without knowing your story. Only God can help us women oh! Hmmm ... Alibaba's tweets are below





Alibaba frequently uses his twitter account as a platform to advice and educate people in one way or another - while also cheering us up, and brightening up our days with his wits and humour. I just hope his message today can at least change someone's life.

I understand that it's easier said than done, to just decide to pack your bags or heart and leave a man (or woman, because women abuse too) but you have to be realistic, and you have to love yourself, please seek help and make a plan so that you live a better life. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone going through any form of violence.

Do you have any story about any one abused, that you can share or any advice on how to deal with the issue? 

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