Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Michael Ealy Gives Dating Advice to Women!

Michael Ealy - I could Literally drown in his Sexy-Blue-Eyes!
Handsome 'Common Law' actor, Michael Ealy is currently about town promoting his forthcoming movie, 'Think Like A Man' a romatic comedy which he plays the role of Dominic, the dreamer. He also used this opportunity to give dating advice to the ladies. The Dreamy 'Their Eyes were Watching God' star spoke to Huffspot about what women should do in relationships, why women should never think like men, and his past dating experiences
On women thinking like men?
Not really. I think women should have insight as to how men think. Just like men should have insight into how women think. One of the things that this movie does is, everybody looks at the dating game as just that: a game. But with this movie we bring you through that with the gamesmanship and "I'm doing this and you're doing that," and all of that chess-playing back and forth. But what brings this movie home in the end is the fact that everyone feels a sense of connection with the other person, which surmounts the gamesmanship. And everybody is able to put the games away and be themselves and that's where they find the true connection.

On relationship books to help step his game up
No, I wasn't smart enough to read relationship books when I was coming up. I learned everything the hard way. And I, like Dominic, would listen to my dumb-ass friends. At a certain point you're like, "I got this, thank you!"

On incorporate past dating experiences into the role
I definitely paid homage to a few people that I dated in my past who I've met and felt like, "Okay, you're a dreamer, you just don't have the execution right now." There's something very beautiful and compelling about someone who has ambition and someone who knows what they want, but it can get a little frustrating at times, so I understand that. I have sympathy for that. And so I tried to play him accordingly, I tried to give him a little bit of vulnerability and a dreamer's sensibility. He's just one of the boys. He's not a standout guy, so he listens to his boys for all kinds of bad advice. But don't we all? [Laughs]

On What He Thoughts  of "Think Like A Man" after watching it for the first time
As an actor, to watch yourself on that big screen the first time that I see it, I'm always a big critic of what I've done. But what I really got out of it was watching the dynamics between the other couples, which really kind of made the movie so much fun to watch. You really fall for these characters and that's a testament to good performances and good directing.

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