Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rihanna's Midnight Trip to Ashton Kutcher's House

Was this a Booty Call or were they making Music?
Rihanna was  spotted  at Ashton Kutcher's  bachelor pad a little after night  on Wednesday for a visit that lasted till past 4.a.m
According to the onlookers, the "rude boy" singer arrived at Ashton's home around midnight with her security team in tow. Rihanna is a single girl who has recently spoken about how it sucked to be single and would like to be in a relationship, so she has someone to share special moments with.

Ashton Kutcher is newly divorced, and single, so who knows what a midnight trip can lead to? We have to wait and see ...tick-tock...
Rihanna at Aston Kutcher's Bachelor Pad at past midnight

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