Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rihanna Takes the Train to Drake's Concert

Rihanna goes Underground for Drake
Rihanna who is currently in London, promoting her debut movie "Battleship" took time out of her busy schedule and headed to the O2 arena for Drake’s sold out concert.
The pop star hopped on the London tube, underground service like she does, whenever she's going to the O2 arena, to boycott London traffic

Drake shouted RiRi out at the concert, Yelling "She’s a sexy woman make noise for Rihanna one time!" The ex lovers celebrated after the concert at Low nightclub.
Rihanna owns an Oyster Card?
RiRi and her Crew at the London Underground
Rihanna waiting for a London Tube


  1. I really like drake and adam together...they are one hot couple! Btw i’ll see Drake in Jun and drake tickets are fetching a nice premium. at this sold out event. Drake and Josh rocked !

    1. Hi Austy, did you get to see Drake that year? I like the idea of Drake dating Adam :-)

  2. I don't know what to wear! I don't want to be too fancy or under dressed for the occasion. This is like my second concert so yeah. I also have tickets..from to the pre-party. I’m so excited ! i love his energy and setlist choice gonna good.

    1. I'm whatever you wore was perfect! :-)

      Was the concert any good? Good memories?


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