Wednesday, March 14, 2012

David O's Groupie has been Expelled from the University

David O & Sonia Jombo
The 19-year-old groupie who leaked the pictures of her erotic moments she with pop-star David O, has been suspended from the university. Sonia Jombo aka Sonia La Bomb, who leaked the bedroom pictures of herself with musician David O who recently found fame with his hit single 'Ema Dami Duro"

Sonia has been suspended from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technolody, Ghana, where she's an undergraduate.
Sources reported the incident to the university; she was summoned, faced a panel, and she was suspended indefinitely. Sonia has not been seen in public since the incident occurred.

Karma comes back around. She had no business releasing those pictures, even though they only featured David O's upper body and face and nothing really indecent. But whatever her reasons were for broadcasting those pictures, is it worth what she's now experiencing? Was it fame she wanted or was it simply just a malicious act?

Ema Dami Duro by Davido's 

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