Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fan of The Week

Kat Tha Frenzy is our Fan of the Week
Hello everyone, Versatile Scoop is a week old, and we are gradually bulding our fan base ☺. Earlier today, we randomly contacted a Twitter account (@Ditibane, who follows @VersatileScoop @VersatileScoops on twitter) in form of research - we wanted their feedback regarding our blog. And we got a delightful reply. He said "All I can say is you are touching South Africa constantly. Love it. You are consistent, relevant and some stories are too Damning! Tnx" 

He continued "And ummm keep the twitter links on as well, constantly and consistently...we are wanderers and we end where we are directed to...I'm a FAN" The response was particularly pleasing because the account we contacted was randomly chosen. We were pleased with his feedback and asked if we could put up a post about him on blog - He was elated, He gladly gave us his name and a go head. 

We are glad that Katlego Nelson Ditibane, all the way from South Africa is a fan and we hope we continue to entertain and impress him and the other Versatile Scoop's fans out there.

Don't hesitate to leave us with your honest opinions. There is always room for improvement - We are open minded and we appreciate all constructive criticism and feedbacks. Basically all suggestions, that can help us grow and improve are welcome.

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Thank you.

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