Saturday, March 10, 2012

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Instantly!

Money Tree
Get busy in your spare time and before you know it, the cash will start rolling in. I found a few ways to make money in a way that's safe and fast. Please feel free to Learn, Practice & Share!

1. Ask/Beg - If you need money and you have someone that will be willing to give it to you, then I see no problem in ask/beg. Tres bon if it's interest free and/or you don't have to return it! Wouldn't you agree? "Ask and you shall receive."

2. Sell your skills - We all have skills and talents so why not use these to make a few extra quid. If you spent years of your life being marched to piano lessons for example, put the experience to good use in adulthood by advertising your services in the local newspaper as a music teacher.Just 3 hours-long lessons a week could see you better off money-wise, not to mention the sense of satisfaction you will get. The same applies for languages etc.

3. Medical experiments - Volunteering for clinical trials doesn’t just have to involve taking untested and risky drugs. Some clinical trials are perfectly safe, such as sleep studies, psychological tests and taste testers. 
But remember, never sign up for anything you are not happy with – risking your health for a few extra pounds is just not worth it.

4. Cashback sites - You can earn even more money from shopping online. Cashback websites will automatically pay you every time you buy a product or a service from selected retailers, from your weekly groceries to switching your utility provider. A few of those cashback Websites include,, and which offer 100% commission cashback. Give it a go, when you're free. 

5. Be a Film extra - If you fancy seeing yourself on screen, film and TV companies are always on the hunt for extras. You will get paid and get the chance to meet some famous actors. You’ll need to join an agency first, details of one near you can be found at

6. Earn from web research - Any Question Answered (, are often on the lookout for internet researchers. Once a customer asks a question through their mobile phone, it’s the researcher’s job to hunt out the answer and reply online.
You can choose your own hours and the questions you answer, and can earn around 30p for every question you answer correctly.

7. Rent out a parking space -  Do you live in the city centre, train station or football stadium or close?  If your answer is yes and you don’t use your parking space or garage, you’re sitting on a proverbial goldmine! Renting an empty parking place to a commuter or football fan could see you rake in the pounds. is a website where you can advertise your space free of charge and let frustrated drivers get in touch. A parking space in the West End of London, for example, can fetch £500 a month, while in a leafy suburb of Leeds a space could net you £100.

8. Auctions - We’re all guilty of hoarding items that "could come in handy one day". But one man’s rubbish could be another man’s treasure, which is why online auction website is so successful. 

9. Car boot sales - If you would prefer money in your palm instantly, then car-boot-sale is the way to go! Thousands of people flock to car boot sales every weekend, with pitches costing reasonably per day. To find out where to flog your booty, check out

10. Claim tax credits - It’s always worth checking that you are receiving all the tax credits you are eligible for. Research found that people across the world are collectively missing out on benefits and tax credits worth more than 8 billion a year. So while you’re tracing lost funds, why not visit the website too and work out how much you could claim.

Helpful? - Good Luck!

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